caturday . mishy’s sickly

December 17, 2011 separator Pets

Rosco to The Mister: “Oh, hai five!” Rosco to me: “No – no photos, please!”

Mish has a neighborhood bully, who landed him in the vet emergency-style… On the upside, he got sequestered to the bathroom after the vet, and since drinking out of the toilet is his favorite pastime (and usually not allowed), so he hasn’t complained too much.

Also, I feel that it’s important that you’re properly pronouncing his name as you read this in your head, so please note: you say it like “meeesh.” Kthanks.

Oddly enough, Maker’s Mark sent us a tiny reindeer sweater to properly dress our bottle of bourbon for the holidays… Less oddly, it didn’t fit Rosco. I’m ashamed to admit that the bourbon is now actually wearing the sweater. Looking sharp, b!

What did fit Rossy, however, was a sweater and glasses, which I think you can all agree make him look quite prepared to teach your next college course.

And then this one. I just couldn’t resist. Look at that smooshy little face! He’s leaning on his elbow like a little person!


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