channeling 1960 . what I wore (or gin and baby aliens)

March 23, 2012 separator Fashion

The Mister and I had a reunion with all our college buds a couple weekends ago for a wedding in Atlanta. I thought it was going to be chilly, so I packed this heavy polyester dress with sheer, rather… spacious… sleeves. Is anybody besides me thinking of Deb from Napoleon Dynamite right now? “I could wrap you in foam. Or something billowy.”

Well, they were definitely billowy, if nothing else. We got caught in an epic, never-ending detour because of a landslide – yes, a landslide, so we were running impossibly late. I decided to just go ahead and get ready in the car, which resulted in me teasing my hair up to the size of Paris Hilton’s latest arm candy (possibly even bigger). I figured I’d go all ’60s to match the dress.

I was really channeling Brigitte, but in hindsight, I don’t think I fully committed. The Mister and I decided it looked a bit like a small alien was lurking on the back of my head, but I have to say that my alien looked absurdly inadequate compared to Ms. Bardot’s
Evidently I felt the need to go full-on Mad Men with the whole shebang, because I was quite hard-pressed to find a single picture of me sans-martini. Gin – dirty, in case you were wondering. The only thing that parted us was a table full of candy, and even then I was thinking that if only I’d gotten a vodka martini, I could’ve used that rock candy as a lovely swizzle stick. If only…

I’m Wearing
dress . vintage 
hair . a hell of a lot of bobby pins (and maybe an alien-baby)
earrings . Charming Charlie

Here’s a sneakly-peek at the wedding. It was in a gorgeous old industrial building-turned art gallery. I’ll post some more pictures next week!


  1. You should do a How To-sday of that hairstyle. =) And I can’t believe that dress is vintage. Great find!

  2. Mmmm, I think I like this post a lot! Also, I thought you looked wonderful at the wedding! 🙂

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