color inspiration | yellow & grey

March 27, 2010 separator color inspiration

Welcome to the newest leShrimp feature. I’m a little obsessed with color, be it one perfect tone or the best combination I’ve ever seen [today]. Color can change the entire look and disposition of anything, really: a room, and outfit, a sunset, an outlook. 
Something about yellow and grey together just screams sophistication and class, with a teensy bit of fun and rowdy thrown in the  mix. I love love love it – anything from a soft heather grey to a deep charcoal looks more alive next to a bright golden hue. 
I’m dying for that swimsuit, but it’s $440 (eek!). What’s your favorite piece?


    1. i grey and yellow;}
      i wish i had more money to buy some more grey and yellow;}
      oh well, one can dream~~~ haha

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