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June 25, 2012 separator Life

Welcome to Brasov-wood!

So, once upon a time I spent a couple weeks in Europe. And then I got home and fell prey to a debilitating muscle spasm in my back the next day and on into the subsequent two weeks, so I never posted any pictures. Finally, and without further ado (or just a little bit further ado), here are some of those pictures. 

I love every moment of the trip dearly, but I don’t want you guys to get sick of it, so I’ll post them sporadically, starting at the end, of course!

Andrei and me at Dracula’s castle – totally perilous!

We spent almost a week in Romania, since Andrei (The Mister) is from there. His family was immediately endearing, and I missed them the second we left. They shuttled us all over the country, from their apartment in Bucharest to the Carpathians to see Dracula’s castle, and they even humored me while I photogged every animal in Romania… 

I can now cross “Visit Dracula’s castle/Transylvania.” off my bucket list, though the big guy was nowhere to be found. Read on for the one where I’m in a secret passageway in said castle! So without further ado (for reals this time), I present to you: a little bit of my trip to Romania!

Romanian SHEEPS up in the Carpathians!

I couldn’t get enough of all the cherry trees!

This was the most horrifying elevator I’ve ever been on…

Wild strawberries bought roadside in a darling little basket? Yes, please!

Could a church be any more picturesque than this?!

Just another castle – no bigs…

I definitely need a cherry tree growing in my yard. And a yard…

So here I am in a secret passageway. In Dracula’s castle. In Transylvania. For reals, people!

I could get used to the European cheese!

The Mister’s little sis – love this girl!

This picture is only blurry because I was “driving” so fast…


  1. Thanks, everybody.! It was absolutely gorgeous, and I’m really fortunate to have had the opportunity to go!

    Veronica – so nice to hear from a lurker! ;D Have you been there two years? I’m a little jealous that you got to spend so long over there!

  2. Hey… I’m a lurker on your blog and I’m an American living in Romania (US Peace Corps)! Glad you got to come and experience the hospitality and beauty of the country! And yes, cherry season ROCKS. Well, produce here ROCKS! My husband and I will be leaving in July and are going to miss it! Lovely photos!

  3. I’m a sucker for secret passageways, so this looks AWESOME to me! I don’t know much about Romania, but it is so picturesque!

  4. Lindsay! You are so lucky to have gone to Romania! Romania is on my bucket list. My husband used to work with someone that actually brought me back a Dracula doll! It’s actually pretty cool!

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