Everyday Gratitude

November 27, 2014 separator Life

Everyday Gratitude - Family

I’m writing this from Terminal B of the Atlanta airport, fighting the urge to take a nap on the questionable floor. I conked out last night before getting this post written, and then I was too grouchy from watching the sunrise — two hours after I woke up. And then I realized that today wasn’t one to miss. Yeah, I woke up at 5 AM, but Andrei drove to the airport because he knows I hate driving, so I got to doze in the car. Then he asked at the gate about an earlier flight, and we ended up in the coveted “economy comfort” seating at no extra charge. And I’ve been listening to the tiny girl in the seat behind me at my gate as she excitedly narrates the process of the plane pulling up to the gate and the jet walk sliding over the door. Cute? Yes. But also a great reminder that we forget how exciting things like flying are.

These are all good things. Things I almost didn’t bother to appreciate.

So now I’m typing away, a few minutes from boarding, because I want to remember how grateful I am for everything in my life. I’m incredibly fortunate, and that’s something I need to make note of daily, not just on Thanksgiving. Sometimes I think we just need a milestone — an anniversary, holiday, or birthday — to remind us to stop and take it all in.

Moving forward, let’s all try to appreciate the present moment before another year has gone by, beginning again in another airport terminal, letting all the grateful moments slip by unseen.

Everyday Gratitude

That said, there are a few things I’m particularly grateful for now and everyday. Andrei is a constant in my life that I’d be a hot mess without. Sometimes I think he knows me better than I know myself, and since I turned him into kiiiind of a cat person, I plan on hanging onto him! And then there’s the rest of my family: my parents and Andrei’s, my brother and sister, our grandparents, aunts, and uncles — all the people who’ve helped shape who I am and will become. And my friends, the people I’ve treasured having in my life for such a long time have been with me through so much. Home. I’m so incredibly thankful to be living somewhere I love, and somewhere that has loved me back with a creative community that never stops giving since we moved to DC this summer. I’m lucky to have a job in a field I truly enjoy and to work with people who love what they do, too.

Finally (not because I’m done but because I can get ridiculously long-winded if I don’t stop somewhere), I am grateful every single day for those of you out there reading this. Thank you for letting me share my passions and the occasional tidbit from my personal life. Thanks for following along with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and playing along with silly games like #ShrimpSaladSpectrum. I’ve been blown away by the support I’ve received for my new little shop, too. I didn’t know what to expect this time around, and you guys have kept me wonderfully busy!

And finally, if you’re still reading this, then thanks for that, too. 😉