Everyday Resolutions – Bite-Size Changes Once a Week

January 3, 2010

  • I’m officially here to save you (us) money, time, calories, waistlines, and sanity. Do the following just one teensy little time a week. You can thank me later.

  • Ditch the Venti-Mocha-Shimmy-with-a-Cartwheel-and-a-Splash-of-Parcheesi. You’ll save what – maybe 12-15 bucks a month? Also, we mustn’t forget about saving your waistline, ass, and the world. Well – maybe not the world…
  • Switch out brown rice for regular on your next sushi order. Not a sushi fan? That’s okay – just start cooking with brown rice instead of white, whole wheat/wholemeal pasta instead of regular, or just request brown rice next time you hit Panda Express. The whole grains and fiber will work wonders!

  • For the last half of your lunch break or maybe just before dinner, take a quick jog. If you’re not up to the task (or if it’s way to stinking cold), then just head out for a brisk walk. Seriously – 15 minutes, and you’ll feel like the most accomplished person on the planet, and all those 15 minutes start to add up!

  • Instead of mindlessly flipping channels on tv (Bones – Family Guy – CSI – Family Guy – Law & Order: SVU – House – Yeah – I know the drill.), pick up a book, and start flipping pages. Find something you like, and before you know it, you’ll be an avid reader again! Plus, I can personally attest to the fact that you’ll feel far more accomplished.


  1. I’m all for saving the world and my ass and of course Parcheesi. I might have to get rid of the “shimmy with a cartwheel” though.Those shimmies are ALOT of calories !

  2. Great post – inspiring and doable! Little actions can add up to big changes over a year’s time 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

  3. great advice! I’m trying to find way to stay focused on old projects! So far so good 😀

  4. Nice tips! Thanks for thinking of others.
    I hope to pick up the walking/yoga 5 times a week, wish me luck.

  5. I used to visit Starbucks or Coffee Bean at least once a day. I started making coffee at home last March and presto chango! More money, and I did loose weight. Who knew? Great post!

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