Facets No. 1 . Color Inspiration

October 9, 2014 separator be inspired

The Perfect Palette Faceted Shrimp Salad Circus

It’s been ages since I’ve played around with palettes for a Color Inspiration post. Call me self-serving, but it seemed like a fun idea to kick it back off with my latest watercolor painting.

This one is the first painting in my Faceted series. Until this one, I’ve mostly been drawn to a really muted, pastel palette. I kind of stumbled upon this bright set by accident and ended up loving it. I’m working on a full collection with different gem shapes, but until then, this guy’s already available in my shop! I’d love to have this as a surface pattern on fabric eventually. I think it’d make a great accent with a more mellow solid.

Are you into this bright collection of colors, or do you tend to prefer something more muted? More similar to one another? Discuss!

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