Would You Rather . Summer or Winter

October 8, 2014 separator Uncategorized

Would You Rather Winter Summer

Now that it’s highly unpleasantly frigid “out there,” I find myself incredibly envious of my family in San Diego. Summer all year round — are you kidding me?! Anywho, I know that not quite everyone is on my team for this one, so let’s play a classic game of Would You Rather! Summer or winter? Take your pick!

If you had your pick, would you rather live in a world where it was always summer or one where it was always winter? Discuss.


  1. I’d rather live in a world where it was always winter, because in the winter if you’re cold you could just put more and more clothes on, but in the summer it’s not like you can take all your clothes off. Even if you did I guarantee you’ll still be sweating.
    Even if it was a nice steady weather of 70-80 degrees I would still like to be in a place where there was a never ending winter. I love the snow, hot coco, snowman, and igloos are my favorite.


  2. I’ve just moved to the sunny Gold Coast, Australia, after 12 years in London. So far it’s been four weeks of blue skies and fluffy clouds, but I’m already missing that wonderful lead-up to Christmas, when the days get darker earlier, the lights twinkle brighter, the air cools, and you can snuggle into woolly scarves. I’d love to have the best of both in a year (there’s no true winter here, and there’s no true summer there). Guess I’m still searching for my perfect home…

  3. Since I’ve lived in Southern California all my life and have recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area I have to say winter has become my new favorite! Although I’m sure our winter is not even close to winters elsewhere, but something about the crisp air running through my lungs feels amazing. Or maybe it’s being away from the LA smog. Who knows! haha

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