Favorite Finds No. 72

August 21, 2015 separator Weekly Roundup

DIY Eye Projects - Shrimp Salad Circus

Favorite Finds No. 72 – DIY Eye Projects

  1. The cutest little person in the most fashionable little leggings
  2. Simple wire to make a bold statement 
  3. Hard to believe she made that out of toilet paper rolls
  4. Have you found me over here yet?
  5. Would be fun to make variations on this in lots of different sizes
  6. Can’t beat these for $15
  7. Perfect for your eyePhone ;D
  8. Loving all these colors together against the neutral base
  9. Feels like the universe wants me to try this
  10. Have always wondered about how this whole process works
  11. In case you missed all my pretty moments
  12. Pretty enough to want to make them permanent
  13. Super cute theme — and ALL THE COLOR
  14. Really beautiful idea for gifting (or keeping, of course!)
  15. Loving the fabric on those new air tees
  16. But really though, if you aren’t already following her…


  1. Love these! And don’t forget my eye iPhone wallpaper! (I put a link to the download in my name 😉

  2. Your the sweetest! Thanks for sharing my basket 🙂 Also those eye projects are so awesome!

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