Favorite Finds No. 73

August 28, 2015 separator Weekly Roundup

DIY Pastel Projects - Shrimp Salad Circus

Favorite Finds – DIY Pastel Projects + More

  1. Unbelievably simple for so much sweet cuteness
  2. Wondering at what point you’re considered too old to spend hours doing this
  3. Try not to forget
  4. Cute way to create some home decor even if you’re not planning a wedding
  5. No words for the level of tiny adorableness
  6. Surprisingly realistic looking and way too pretty to hit with a stick
  7. Dip it real good
  8. Probably need a whole little flock* of these
  9. Bringin’ me back to my youth with the veggie tools
  10. Pastels you can chow down on, my kind of after school snack
  11. In case you’ve ever wondered what goes into these beautiful images
  12. Even dying over the pastel furnitures
  13. Because zippers aren’t as complicated as they seem to be
  14. Can’t beat #allthesparkles

*Yes, cats can come in flocks. Because I say so.