favorite finds for friday no. 12

February 8, 2013 separator Weekly Roundup

I love this fun, fresh look for spring!
I think I have to make these for Andrei for Vee Day.
I made another one.
Another great design tute – or a download, if you prefer.
Surriously. I’m in love
I think we could all benefit from a space to just be with our thoughts.
I want this one, and this, too
These are absolutely darling and could be done in lots of colors.
Guess who’s taking this class?!
If I hadn’t just shattered my screen, I’d put this on my phone.
Ignore the lobsters. I just love this setup.
Must learn to sew better. I need this. In five colors.
What do you think of these for a bride?
I want this really badly, but I think I’m too cheap to spring for it…
So pretty, and making me sad about my disaster again!

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  1. Oh thanks so much for adding my wallpaper to your finds 🙂 It’s a gorgeous post! xx

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