favorite finds for friday no. 15

March 15, 2013 separator Weekly Roundup

I kind of love this whole naked idea – and not just for wedding. Pretty and easy!
Pretty much everything you need to get creative and crafty.
Seriously – gorgeous. Make them. Lots of them.

I suddenly feel like I need to get super healthy, and I’m leaning toward this to help.
Somebody give me some alpacas. Stat.
I’m ready ready ready for spring/summer, so I clearly need this
Used this for our wedding list, and it’s amazing.
I guess it’s time to get rid of my ‘happy fall’ wallpaper anyway.
Is it bad to be more excited about planning the honeymoon than planning the wedding?!
I like that this is all-natural, and the tan-phobe in me is happy, too.
Three start-up tips.

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  1. I love the naked idea, not everyone likes a lot of frosting & that looks perfect. And, that’s my wallpaper, too, for March ♥

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