favorite finds for friday no. 7

October 26, 2012 separator Weekly Roundup

Who knew an artsy filter could be so easy?!
If you’ve ever wanted to print on something other than a piece of paper, this might help.
Could this be any cuter? I maybe need to try it this weekend…
If you have pets or haven’t started holiday shopping yet, enter this now.
Is it too early to start thinking about the perfect New Year’s dress?
If I were having a Halloween party, I would absolutely have to try this out!
How come I never look like this when I do a messy bun?!
Image by Mimi & Taylor

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  1. LOVE the filters. Such a good idea…cheap & smart & you can totally make original ones. Neat!


    1. Hording on Pinterest is almost like having excellent hair all the time, right?! ;D

    1. Isn’t she gorgeous?! I always think I’ve got a total giraffe neck, yet she makes the long neck look so dainty and lovely! lol

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