favorite finds for friday no. 9

November 16, 2012 separator Weekly Roundup

Be brave and be kind.
Instead of rolling the dice with Pandora, give this fun mix a try.
Are you a ‘too soon’ holiday decorator? This’ll help.

So fun – I need this. Everyone with a camera needs it, actually. 
I keep meaning to start a recipe box, and these cuties would be a great start!
How pretty would this be for my wedding?! (Very)
Tell your daughters how beautiful you are.
A zillion ways to overcome creative block. I need this now.
I’m about to own these. Eeeek – the cuteness! 
Cookies with ‘cloud’ in the name? Done. Make it happen.
Meet Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht.

Image by Sarah Abbot on Etsy.

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  3. I’m liking the mix! Sometimes I find 8tracks stops playing certain songs though – maybe it’s just me.

  4. I love your blog and all the tutorials!! I just found it!
    -With love from DC, Alex


  5. I love those animal cheese markers! I want them so bad. They would be so cute for parties. Jess

  6. I love links! Such a good way to start off my weekend. Think I’m going to try out those cookies. It’s a must.


  7. i love love love the essay about telling your daughters that YOU are beautiful. what an incredible lesson for young girls, who will doubtless grow up knowing that they, too, are beautiful.

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