Favorite Finds No. 23

October 18, 2013

  • Still sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to Diana and Scott.
  • This sounds delicious, and the blog name is freakin’ adorable!
  • These are at the top of my fall wishlist.
  • What a simple, pretty way to foof up a gift.
  • Lovely post – makes me feel like I need to organize any sort of ‘kit!’
  • Are we friends yet? 
  • I thought I was over anything but skinnies, but now I’m crushing on these
  • I love the way this space is organized!
  • This is a hilarious, fun costume idea.
  • How is those so cheap?! My bar cart’s about to get sparkly.
  • This just came in the mail, and I can’t decide what to make first!
  • We had these at our wedding, but I think these are so sweet for a small party.
Image from Chocolat by Eric Lanlard
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  1. YUMMMM give me those WAFFLES! Also, yes, those boots are exactly like some I just bought down here a few days ago. And it’s turning into summer!! oh well, they’re still gorge

    xox Rachael

  2. omg that picture of the waffles has made me 10 times hungrier then i already was,yum! Your blog is so nice ,id love if we both followed eachother?,let me know if you would like to , ella x

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