Favorite Finds No. 34

May 12, 2014 separator Weekly Roundup

Well, I’m officially officially back from my honeymoon (I was physically back on Tuesday, but I’ve been easing back in mentally…)! We had an absolutely incredible month in Thailand and Cambodia, and it was a great way to hit ‘reset’ on all the day-to-day chaos at home. I’ll be sharing pictures soon, but in the meantime, let’s pretend Monday is Friday with a Favorite Finds roundup, shall we?

Did you know you could do this without a dehydrator?
I love the creativity behind this.
This present from Aunty Dayna is Mish and Rosco’s favorite ever.
I want to pile a ton of these together for a pretty crown.
This guy.
How epic is this kite?!
It’s still not too late to whip up a little something “belated.” ;D
I need to remember these for every day, all the time.
Marscapone + anything = win.
Somebody loan me twelve-fiddy, kay? Thanks.
Did you guys see my trip?!
These really do look just like little slices of agate – so pretty!
This seems easy enough…

Photo by Flax & Twine

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