Favorite Finds No. 45

December 19, 2014 separator Uncategorized


We’ve made it through another week, you guys — one of this year’s last! I’m really excited about the coming week because we’re picking up family from the airport in the morning and get to show off our apartment, our new city, and our newly-svelte felines.* We’ll cook up lots of Romanian family recipes and maybe do some ice skating at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. Because I can do things like that now that I live in DC – yay! Anywho, read on for neat things other people have done this week, things I own or want to own (some are affiliate links from which I could earn a small commission), and a peek at my studio mixed in there somewhere.

  • I wanna throw a holiday brunch just for these
  • A fun twist. Err… Angle.
  • Intimidating project but oh-so-stunning end result
  • Heard of this? 20% off diapers + 30-day free trial
  • Don’t miss these giveaways worth a combined TON of moolah
  • Cute, simple idea
  • Adorable. And even cuter? The price: free
  • Sweet little faux sweets
  • Neat idea for a glam necklace, too
  • Where I do what I do
  • Still our fave new toy — cable, schmable!
  • Year-round possibilities as a nursery mobile
  • Not too late w/free expedited shipping upgrade
  • Very merry, indeed
  • In case you haven’t already bought a roll. And one more.
  • Always a sad debate. Definitely been there. *sigh*
  • That color!!!
  • Live in LA and need a job with a large side of balloons?
  • Recipes more fun than a cookbook

* The felines aren’t new — just their figures. Yeah, yeah. We had to put the guys on a diet. They’re mad, but they’re lookin’ like they’ve been doing some Purr90X. I couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

Photo by Sugar and Charm

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  1. Okay now I NEED to make another weaving for a necklace! Thanks for the idea and the link love!!

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