Fill in the Blank Friday

February 12, 2010

1. I am hoping my Valentine’s day this year includes the wonderful dinner that I’ve been planning for ages, rather than a disgusting, burnt mess .

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is currently hulu, sleeping late, and shopping Haute too stinking much .

3. I am most proud of learning Spanish and never being afraid to pick up and start anew .

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be skinnies, my thrifted Loft ballet flats, one of the Mister’s white tees, and a massive sweater .

5. People are what makes the world go round .

6. I would rather travel the world than be a graduate student .

7. I love my all my people more than cheesecake, Earl Grey, Guatemala, or even summer .


  1. hulu is truly addictive.

    and i hope your valentine’s dinner turns/turned out well! fingers crossed.


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