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July 10, 2010 separator Photography

It’s almost that time… Word One of The Get Perspective Project is due by tomorrow! If you still don’t know what TGPP is, then just click the banner above! If you still want to participate but haven’t submitted, you have until tomorrow at midnight to submit an image inspired by the word ‘gone’ to the group Flickr pool


Q. Do I need to be a professional photographer?
A. No! I’m not remotely a professional, and I most certainly don’t expect any of you to be. Though professionals are certainly welcome, I want amateurs as well!

Q. Is this only open to the United States?
A. TGPP is open to everyone the world over – the more countries, the merrier!

Q. How do I join the project?
A. Just join the group Flickr pool, and submit your photo by the deadline! Anybody at all can join, and if you do, I’d love for you to leave a comment here at leShrimp letting me know you’ll be submitting a picture. P.S. It’s totally free to register for Flickr if you’re not already a member.

Q. How often will you post new words for the project?
A. Right now I am thinking that the project will be biweekly. Depending on response, I may decrease it to monthly in the future. 

Q. Where can we find the current word for the project?
A. You can always find the words here by clicking TGPP button in the center column. The word will also be posted on the Flickr Pool in the discussion section. 

Q. What’s in it for me?
A. Firstly, you get to be creative and stretch yourself a little bit to think outside the box. Secondly, you get to ‘meet’ some fun, like-minded people. Thirdly, I will choose several pictures from each round to feature right here on the blog (with over 1,600 subscribers!) and will link to your blog or shop if I choose to feature your picture!!!

Oh, and the { applechampagne } winner is Jessica Jo, number 52! I’m terrible about remembering to post giveaway winners, so sorry about that guys! 


  1. I have just submitted my photograph this evening and would like to say thank you. This project really stretched my thinking, especially after seeing my original idea for my picture was already in the group.
    Looking forward to the next word now.

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