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November 24, 2010 separator Photography

To participate, just join the group Flickr pool, and submit your ‘shine’ photo by Wednesday, December 8! As always, I’ll be choosing seven photos from the Flickr pool to feature on the blog, and I’ll link to the blogs and shops (if applicable) of those photographers. Please keep in mind that I can’t get your photo if you have your Flickr images protected from being saved, so you’ll have to email them to me as well as leaving them in the group pool. If you’re not sure what The Get Perspective Project is all about, then just click here to catch up on the details! 

Spread the Word

As always, it’d be fantastic if you could spread the word by posting one of the buttons/banners on your sidebar or even in a blog post. The more perspectives we have, the more interesting the project will be!!!

Though you aren’t required to leave a comment here to participate, I’d love to know who’s in this time around so that I can start stalking you and looking forward to your submissions!!!

P.S. What’s your stand on the TSA screenings? Do you support National Opt Out Day, or would you rather give up some privacy for better security? (I’ll just say that I’m glad not to be flying today…!)


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