Girls’ Night Out with Palm Breeze

May 18, 2015 separator Uncategorized

Palm Breeze Party 2

Little-known fact about blogging: It’s a lot more work than most people realize. For every photo you see, there are probably at least 15 that didn’t make the cut, and don’t even get me started on the entire projects I’ve completed and then scrapped because they weren’t as good as I wanted them to be.

But then blogging sometimes has its perks, and you can sort of forget the whole photoshoot that was set up just so until your cat traipsed through everything and turned it from a pretty moment to a crime scene awaiting investigation….

Palm Breeze Party 1Palm Breeze Party 8

Girls’ Night Out

One such perk was a recent, much-needed girls’ night out with a couple of my fave ladies. Palm Breeze put on a shindig last week at Blo Bar here in DC, a mini-vacay of sorts, and we got to enjoy a little pampering after one helluva Monday!

Not gonna lie – my first stop when we arrived was definitely the Palm Breeze and champagne cocktail. Priorities, right? If you saw this post, then you already know I love pairing anything cool and refreshing with herbs, so the tons of fresh mint in this were a huge win.

Palm Breeze Party 4

My friends got the “Pillow Talk” style  in the cute little illustration above — beautiful, loose beachy waves.

Unfortunately, my hair wouldn’t cooperate. This is not new to me, as I’ve spent hours of my life over the years trying to get “effortless” curls, usually to no avail. Instead I got some wild, freeform braids while stuffing my face with hors d’ouvres. Isn’t there something so ridiculously relaxing about having somebody play with your hair?!

Palm Breeze Party 7 Palm Breeze Party 3

I got to meet Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential, too. She’s traveling the country with Palm Breeze for these little get togethers, and she was such a pleasure to chat with! It’s always nice having a chance to talk shop with another blogger, though she’s in a whole different league from me!

Palm Breeze Party 11 Palm Breeze Party 10 Palm Breeze Party 9 Palm Breeze Party 5Palm Breeze Party 6

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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