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July 15, 2010 separator marketing minute

I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you guys to Jennifer Palais, a bad-A professional organizer. She runs Palais Professional Organizer and is basically my hero because I think you all know I have issues on that front… I hope you like Jennifer’s introductory post because she’s going to be a regular around these parts in the future! Without further ado, here’s how to get organized this summer (if you’re not ready to resort to hypnonsis, that is…):

Oh, to be in the middle of glorious summer! Everything about this season is fun, light and free from care, but how can you bring this lovely, light summer energy into your home if it is heavy and laden with clutter? Simple – with fresh, easy-breezy summer organizing tips, that’s how!
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We want easy in the summer – and it doesn’t get much easier than 15 minutes per room! Here’s my Quick-and-Dirty-Easy-Breezy-Summer-Clutter-Shrink-Down-Your-Home-Tips. There are only seven ‘cause it’s summer. No overdoing it in the summer! Remember, “like with like” when sorting. That is the key to organizing! Oh … and … you must have fun!
1.  15 minute Closet Shrink Down: It isn’t too late; if you haven’t moved your winter clothing to the side of the closet, to a storage space-saver bag, or to a different room, now is the time.  Figuring out what to wear is so much easier if seasonally-appropriate clothing is front and center.

Sadly, She's Rarely Judged On How Good She Is At Recycling . . . it is an Eco-Friendly ART MAGNET for Girls Whose Best Talents Lie Unnoticed By Regular People.
2.  15 Minute Living Room Redux: Recycle all newspapers and magazines that are older than 3 months – I’m telling you, you will not read them. I know it. I’m the psychic organizer. (I couldn’t agree more with Jennifer on this one. I had a four-foot stack doing me no good at all and collecting mass amounts of dust. – Lindsay)
3.  15 Minute Bathroom Beautifier: Get rid of any medicine in the medicine cabinet that is expired, and check out your makeup too. I’m saving your life here!
heart measuring spoons

4.   15 Minute Kitchen Cropper: Get rid of expired items from pantry and refrigerator –              doubles of anything too.

5.   15 Minute Garage Grind Down: Put the items you’ve been meaning to donate in your car, and take them TODAY. This would also be a good time to bag up those closet cast-offs that you’ve been hanging onto for no other reason than sentimentality. 
Vintage A to Z File Drawer
6.  15 Minute Drawer Dial Down: Organize one drawer somewhere in the house. Pick the worst one – that’s the best one to start with! (I did this awhile back, and it changed my life. Okay may not exactly, but it’s the one beacon in my cluttered casa. – Lindsay)

7.   15 Minute Bedroom Bedazzler: Take out anything that doesn’t “live” in your room, put in its real home, and make the bed. (PS – no papers or work are allowed in the bedroom!) Sweet dreams!
I hope you enjoy these simple organizing tips designed for you to finish the summer out with ease! You can find me on my blog if you have more questions about organizing office or home, or you can follow me on Twitter for daily quick tips!


  1. these are GREAT ideas! although, i feel like there should be a section on decluttering your car. i can’t even begin to describe mine…:P

  2. these are GREAT ideas! although, i feel like there should be a section on decluttering your car. i can’t even begin to describe mine…:P

  3. Absolutely agree with everything.

    Another thing that helps a lot is remaining mobile. Sure it isn’t for everyone but if you plan to move every two years or so (especially to a different country), you’ll think twice about hoarding useless stuff. Less money spent and much more space!

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