Guys Gifts Under $50 . 2014 Holiday Gift Guides

October 28, 2014 separator Uncategorized

Guys Gifts Under $50

I know it’s not even Halloween yet (until Friday!!!), so it seems a little early to be thinking about the holidays, but getting a jump on gift shopping is SO satisfying! Since guys are notoriously difficult to shop for, let’s start with them. I’ll get into more extravagant goods later on, but let’s start with guys gifts under $50.

These are all fun, not too cliché (okay, okay – they’re a little cliche…), and best of all–affordable. I’m a total sentimental fool, so I’m a total sucker for anything to preserve memories and capture all those little moments. That’s why I love that ticket stub album especially, and you could gift it pre-filled with a few old tickets!

  1. Pizza T-shirt . $25
  2. Personalized Wallet . $37
  3. Urban Man Beard Pack . $49
  4. Personalized Keychain . $18
  5. Socks . $10
  6. Amazon Fire TV Stick . $39
  7. No Longer Available
  8. Whiskey Stones Set . $34
  9. Ticket Stub Album . $14
  10. Bacon Boxers . $9

Since we all know that men are so hard to shop for, I’d love to hear your personal experiences. What has been the best gift you’ve ever gotten for a guy in your life? It can be your boyfriend, hubby, dad, brother–anybody!

This is the first of the season, but what other gift guides would you like to see before the holidays this year?!