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July 21, 2014 separator wedding

I recently had the pleasure of creating a commissioned poster for a surprise wedding anniversary party. The shindig was coordinated by The Heart Bandits and Sweet Root Village, and it was a gorgeous explosion of white rose petals, massive floral displays, and flickering candlelight everywhere. 

I still believe in the magic that brought us together. 

The big ‘ole poster was hand-lettered in deep grey watercolor with shimmery gold accents with a beautiful quote requested by the client. This was a really fun project to work on, and it’s nice to do something with so much meaning behind it. All these photos were taken by Sweet Root Village, and I can’t thank them enough for inviting me to be part of this couple’s special day!

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  41. Love, Love, Love the beautiful writing!!!! What pen do you use to make those beautiful letters?

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you so much! I actually did this one with watercolor and a round paintbrush.

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