Long Hair with Long Bangs – Yea or Nay?

September 15, 2011 separator Before & After

As you can tell from my Pinterest board, I’ve covered both extreme ends of the spectrum for my dream haircut. I’ve reached a temporary stalemate with myself in light of the impending winter, opting for the long end of the spectrum…
I want my hair to do this. Long, prettily wavy, with a nice, heavy fringe grazing my eyebrows. What I get is long, stringy, limp locks that scoff at my any attempt to wave them. HOW THE HECK DO I DO THIS?! Anybody? Somebody? Everybody? Help meeee so that I can cut my hair!!!
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  1. Jessica – I cut mine on Friday night!!! We’re totally on the same page! I just couldn’t wait any longer. I’m still working on the texture though. Been trying some no-heat methods, but I’ve frizzballing out of control. lol

    – Lindsay

  2. i’m also loving this hairstyle right now…in fact just this past sunday night i cut myself some of those lovely bangs…although they don’t look nearly as cute on me…i have an s-barrel iron from vidal sassoon (i think) that i use to get that kind of texture…

  3. Hello Ms. Shrimp Salad, I think your hair is to-die-for beautiful!!!….I loved all your choices on pinterest too. I have the same awful predicament of trying and trying for long gorgeous hair but conflicted with the adorable cuteness of the pixi cut. {Every time I go short, I always wish for my long(ish) hair back. Gaah!} Best of luck with whatever you choose!

  4. Maybe you can go to your(if you have one) salon stylist and ask for tips?? I really don’t know otherwise lol

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