Vintage End Table Makeover – How To-sday

July 28, 2009 separator DIY IKEA Hacks

So here’s my latest thrift score. I got this little table for three bucks. I was going to give it some colorful strips or something along those lines because my living room is decorated in mostly primary colors, but I unearthed a few Ikea textiles from a moving box and was inspired.
We sanded it down and cleaned it up a bit, although the layer underneath was pretty janky.

We primed it with some white paint – nothing too terribly exciting there.


I freehanded the design onto the primed coat with a pencil and then filled it in with some acrylic paint. I inverted the colors for the top and bottom to break it up a bit.
I did a second coat with the acrylic {not pictured} and then sprayed it with a clear poly to seal and protect it {also not pictured}. The textile that inspired the project is below the table in the above photo.

– Lindsay


  1. Very cute!
    And, I must say, the prime job is impressive all in itself.
    My prime jobs are generally a little on the
    “spotty and get paint everywhere except where it is supposed to go”.

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