I cut off all my hair {unintentionally} !

June 29, 2009

So I decided it was finally time to chop of some of the mess, as it was practically turning into dreadlock from too many split ends. I asked the guy to trim off not more than 3-4 inches. Flash forward to 45 minutes later: I now have EIGHT inches less than I started with. I’m getting used to it, but I was most definitely not prepared to part with quite so much! Pardon the crappy photos, but it’s difficult to get decent shots of your own absurdly long hair in a car in a busy parking lot without looking too awkward!


– Lindsay


  1. Its fabulous!! Love it. It always feels so much more healthy after a good chop chop.

    We were in Lex last night for an art show,
    and I forgot to email you before we left! Boo to me!

  2. That looks great! But I know the horror of having way more cut off than you were willing to part with. Once I asked for some shorter layers in the back for some volume and she essentially gave me a bowl cut over my lower back-length hair. I couldn’t bear to part with my length because of someone else’s mistake so I got someone else to try to blend in the ‘bowl’ but it could only help so much. I went around with two hair cuts, essentially, for about two months before I gave in and cut it really short.

    Glad to see yours has a happy ending!

    Denise ♥

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