Judd Watts’ Succulent . Colors Inspiration

January 28, 2015 separator be inspired

Judd Watts Color Inspiration

This week’s color inspiration comes from photographer Judd Watts, and it reminds me sooo much of San Diego! This image of a giant aloe vera (Judd describes them as Little Shop of Horrors BIG) plant has such beautiful colors, lines, and depth that it almost fades into abstraction. I love that Judd has such a fun story and way of talking about his art that really brings you into the image.

Judd, who’s been growing succulents since he was just a boy, shared a little story that we can all relate to, the one where we end up looking like some sort of lunatic poised just so over a plate of food, a random snowdrift, or a plant. Trying to move along quickly before people start staring but insistent on getting that one perfect shot. Of questing for the perfect succulent to snap, Judd says, “I’ve even been caught by fellow pedestrians cleaning dirt off their leaves to get the perfect shot.”

When the Camera Won’t Cooperate…

Of this particular photograph, he says, “The core of the plant was amazing… so many layers and lines and different shades of sage and teal green — I knew there was a great shot in there somewhere. Sometimes my eyes pick out such great compositions, but it’s almost impossible to realize it on the camera.” I definitely know that feeling. Trying to take a picture of any room in my house leaves me super frustrated that what I’m seeing with my eyes won’t happen in the camera!

Judd continues, in that wonderful way he has of telling a story, “I don’t tend to carry a tripod around with me, which means that I’m often standing on tiptoes, holding my breath and then gasping for air shortly after taking the perfect “click.” I must look so strange to the passers by… but ever since I turned 30, it somehow doesn’t matter – just as long as your family still loves you! I’m not big on the ‘theory’ of composition… just do what feels right…”

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  1. Love this! Such a beautiful color and composition. I’ve been in similar situations where I think..wow…people must think I’m NUTS..as I’m laying on the ground to get a shot of a bee hanging on to the edge of a flower 🙂 Glad to know I’m not alone! xo Liz http://www.4evermysweetpea.com

    1. haha I love it. It’s so funny to think about how people would react if they could see us in all these bizarre moments…

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