More About Lindsay

April 15, 2009 separator Uncategorized

I’m Lindsay, and that’s not my cat.

  • I adore quotes and have been ‘collecting’ them for years. My all time favorite is, “May you live every day of your life.” by Jonathan Swift.
  • I speak Spanish, and it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world.
  • If I could travel all the time, I might be the happiest person you’ve ever met. I once hit nine countries in three months, and it was absolutely epic, to say the very least {details}.
  • I am 5’10” tall.
  • I may well be one of the messiest people you’ll ever {or never} meet. Really – just ask my mom.
  • I’m vegetarian, and no, I do not want a piece of that bacon. No, not the burger either, but thank you for offering. My boyfriend still vehemently argues that you can hear vegetables screaming when you pluck them from the ground, but I’m not convinced.
  • I’m a crazy cat lady. Meet Mish { ‘mēsh } and Rosco.
  • I can rarely make my mind up about anything, and I typically have about 18 different projects on my plate.
  • When I get around to it, I love cooking more than most things. I can whip up a pretty sweet eggplant parmesan or Ikura sushi cake in a pinch.
  • I just took the plunge and signed away my next two years to the coveted Master’s Degree. You’re looking at the next big thing in nonprofit management right here.
  • I compulsively nickname things. Liiiike my boyfriend {normal enough, right?}, my cats {okay, still fine…}, my car, my palm tree {Eddy, if you were wondering}, and the list really goes on forever. You’re probably next.
Get to know me a little better:

Want to know something else? Just ask me; I’m really quite agreeable and will happily talk {or write, as the case may be} your ear off!