Justin Best . Follow the Leader

October 15, 2014 separator be inspired

Justin11511 on Instagram

Today I have a fun new kind of Follow the Leader post. I approached Justin Best when I saw this breathtaking photo and the lovely An Atlas to Follow lyrics in the caption. I asked him if I could overlay it with my calligraphy, and he was totally on board!

I got to meet Justin when we were invited to a private tour of the United States Capitol building a few weeks ago. His smile is infectious, and you immediately feel like you’ve known him for ages. All his photos are wonderful. He manages to capture a person’s perfect moment in a portrait or frame the great outdoors just so, and the common theme among them all is his love of the world around him.

Justin is a huge part of the Instagram community not only in the DC area, but really everywhere. He’s taken over the El Camino Travel Instagram feed this week, too. See? I told you he’s a big deal!