Field + Foundry Baltimore Dinner Party

October 16, 2014 separator Recipes

Field + Foundry Baltimore Dinner

The Field + Foundry Baltimore Dinner on September 20 was an absolute blast. When Melissa and Laicie of Field + Foundry asked me to design signage for the gathering, I jumped at the chance. These gals know how to throw a party, and I definitely wanted in on that! They gathered up a handful of Baltimore-area creatives for an incredible family-style dinner prepared by Mark Heeley and Dough Uprising. Oh, and the presenters for the evening, Robbi and Matthew of Bobbledy Books and Idiots’Books, brought a gin-cured smoked salmon that they brought back with them from Alaska. No big deal.

This was such a wonderful group to spend an evening with, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people. Even though most of us didn’t know each other before the event, it felt more like dinner with old friends than any kind of networking event. Since moving to DC I’ve been immersed in this wonderful creative community, and I don’t think it’ll ever get old. There’s something so satisfying about being able to talk about blogs, social media, lettering, and all other aspects of this part of my life without feeling like a total alien. Any bloggers out there who know what I mean?? Yeah. Exactly.

And of course there had to a fun DIY component, right? Laicie led a little workshop on how to make your own cocktail bitters. It was really neat and ended up feeling like a chemistry project. Oh, and that incredible-looking pasta dish up there? Lacie’s hubby Mark created the entree, a campanelle pasta with fresh burrata cheese, lemon, and garlic. And you can find the recipe right here on A Thousand Threads, Laicie’s pretty blog.

Reema Desai took all these gorgeous photos. And since you already know how beautiful her work is, you should probably go follow her on Instagram because her feed is even more knockout-gorgeous.

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