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October 11, 2010 separator be inspired

I have an epic midterm. It’s take-home, but I’ve discovered that might actually be worse than good old fashioned studying. I decided that instead of working on said midterm, I’d try my hand at making a little stop-motion movie. 

Will this little gem get me an ‘A’ on my midterm? Probably not, but you never know – maybe my professor like elephants. Or rain. Or cotton balls?

Oh, and check back Wednesday for the rather disjointed culmination of tights week – my We Love Colors review, complete with my crayzay leggings…


  1. Cute ideas, and thanks for the sweet comments, everybody!!!

    His name is *dunDUNdun* MOXIE!!!

  2. Lindsay! So cute. I like that little elephant and think you should think hard about what to name him. Usually I think old man names fit cute animals best. Something like:


  3. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen today. This month. In a long time.
    He looks like an Erik.

  4. I love the stop-motion flick… I totally want to make one someday.

    No ideas on elephant names, but I figured I’d save space and time and rather than comment all over your blog – I’d just say right here – Holy Cow I’m loving all the tights. Makes me wanna take up wearing tights. Totally ♥

  5. I think he needs a name, since he might become a little series. I’m taking suggestions.

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