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November 30, 2011 separator Uncategorized

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If you’ve ever had an epically crappy day, then you know that it can sometimes be hard to find something to smile about. If you’ve never had a truly awful day, then I don’t believe you. I’ve been thinking recently that I wish I were the sort of person to always find a silver lining in everything – never lacking a reason to crack a smile.

I’ve decided I’m on a mission to become that person. Mainly, I want to look even crazier than usual by smiling and laughing when I’m by myself. Don’t stare – it’s rude. ;D Really though, I got to thinking that it’s not that hard to create a moment of good in an otherwise shady day.  

making happy happen #1 . the perfect song

You’ve had a long day at work/class/whatevs, and you get into your car to drive home in traffic. LAME! 

Here’s how you de-lame it: When you pull into the parking lot in the morning, click through your favorite CD until you find the best song on the disc. You need a song that’s gonna make you smile. Once you find that song, turn the car off. Go to work. Forget about it.

Get in the car, turn the key, and BAM – BEST SONG EVER just happens to be playing!!! It’s way better than tuning into an auto parts commercial. Try it. It’s like leaving $5 in your coat pocket to find next winter. Only more instant gratification. 


  1. hahahaha You’re hilarious!!! My go-to song? Probably Wilco’s Yankee, Hotel, Foxtrot. Lurrrrve it!


    – Lindsay

  2. Sometimes listening to really sad or crappy songs also helps because you realize you aren’t alone in having a crappy day. However, that strategy can easily turn into a self-pity fest with lots of crying and chocolate…not that I am speaking from experience or anything (*cough*)

    So what is your go to feel good song?

  3. LOL this is so cute. But true! A good soundtrack can completely change the day. Nice reminder.

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