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November 27, 2010 separator marketing minute

3 Ways Top Social Media Experts Could Do It Right but Aren’t
I have another social media story best told through the lens of a fairy-tale. Socialrella and her social media step-sisters.
Follow my greatness and… I’ll let you.
I have had some odd experiences with social media “experts” lately. These are the individuals and companies who are counseling, coaching and strategizing with some of the top companies and brands in the country on their social media strategy. This strategy is all about how to treat people well online. There is much more involved as we all know but treating people well is the core of it.
It’s getting uglier…
The curious thing to me is these experts seem to have lost the art of the basic human communication involved in treating people well. The scary thing is that anything you do or are just gets amplified online. If you are socially awkward then the awkward gets unbearable, and if you repel then you will repulse.
I bet you think this song is about you.
These experts have such great things to say in theory and yet in the practice they are falling short. We all make mistakes but I’ve done my research and due diligence. This is ongoing.
If the shoe fits…
Do I expect too much from people? Maybe. But I’m in my 30s, and I think I know how people should be treated and tweeted. My grandmother taught me to write thank you notes. The consultants and CEOs I’m speaking of are older than me, and as my grandmother would say, they should know better.
3 Socialrella Suggestions to Keep from Turning into a Social Pumpkin:
  1. If time permits, when you give a talk that people have paid for, stay around to answer just a couple of questions from the audience rather than going into the VIP room to talk to your BFFs. You are teaching us about generosity with your words, so answering a few questions after a 40 minute talk shows us yours with your actions.
  2. If you are a social media company requiring an interviewee to jump through such hoops as answering a long series of questions, submitting a full media strategy, and a couple of interviews, then it is appropriate to send or reply to a thank you for your time email. Even if it is only that you may just see this person again– like at an industry conference.
  3. If you post a joke online please understand that you are inviting humor. From anyone. Be generous. It’s social.
Why does any of this matter? I see lists from other social media consultants saying I do this my way and there is no right way – back off. Basically they are saying, “I like my inner circle, everyone has them even you and I don’t want to be generous.”
They are absolutely right. I’m just saying these are the things to do if you want to a) be decent or b) grow your business. Because we all have people we can refer business to. Who is it going to be? I daresay it will be the people who know what they are doing and know how to treat others while doing it.

Jennifer Palais is passionate about helping people function for low stress and maximum success in their lives and businesses. But really, she is super passionate about movies and stories. That’s her secret motivation for organization. More movies!

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  2. Jennifer: As we live so much of our lives online, you bring up a good point about speakers staying around to speak with event attendees. I always find how a person conducts themselves at events to be a strong indicator of their real persona.

    When I saw Chris Brogan this year, he was great about it. Hanging out before and after his speech. Talking with everyone who wanted his time and a handshake. He was incredibly gracious about it. I was very impressed and his stock went up a lot in my book.

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