on being a toad

December 9, 2010 separator Life

So I’ve been in an epically pissy mood all day. I slept horribly from bronchitis remnants and awoke [very late] to a severely swollen right eye. I had to finish grad school papers and projects, and I have a presentation in twenty minutes. When I decided to get lunch, the place was already closed. It’s cold outside. Really cold. My car is busted. I can’t find my favorite coffee cup. 
And theeeeen I realized that I was being a brat. I far more things to not be pissy about than reasons to be a toad. It will get warmer, and Subway is still open for dinner. Adding coolant to your car probably isn’t that hard, and tomorrow is Friday. I don’t have class on Friday. 
My point here is that there are usually lots of reasons to be happy, even on really crappy days.
Things That Make Me Smile:
This bucket of farm animals, and the corresponding blog post about why they’re awesome. No – seriously. You have to read it. Now.
My fat cat in a very small sweater. Happy birthday to me. Yesss.
This guy (holding the very first pumpkin he ever carved in his entire life.
What do you have to smile about today?


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  2. Yep…that farm animal post was awesome. Even posted it on a friend’s facebook page that is doing graduate school finals. I’m sure it will make for a good study break.

  3. Sometimes it just takes looking at all the good things we are blessed with to make our day turn around for the better 🙂
    Who couldn’t smile about that cute fat cat in a small sweater 🙂 Glad your day got better!

  4. I’ve definitely been there for sure! I am dealing with this huge passport debacle, and overhwelmed with school and I was so frustrated… but then I was all “my problems are such first world problems.”

    No one in Africa is stressing over my anguish of having a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear-type problems.

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