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I’ve partnered with Green Giant for this sponsored post, and they’ve asked me to share a surprise talent. It could be mine, a friend’s, or a family member’s, and since it happens to be somebody’s birthday today, I decided to share the birthday boy’s surprise talent…
You probably remember my brother Cody Griffith from this and this and here and this, too. Clearly I’m a proud sister. Today, as we celebrate Cody turning the ripe old age of 25, I am reminded how much he has contributed to the world in a short quarter-century. I can’t wait to see what he’s going to do in the next one!
His talent is pretty obvious; he’s a brilliant artist. He can put pencil to paper for five minutes and come out with a work of art that I couldn’t duplicate in any length of time with all the pencils in the world. He can create a photorealistic portrait with charcoal on paper or an incredible and imaginative work of vibrant color twenty feet tall. With all this obvious talent, what could his ‘surprise’ skill possibly be? Well, he can whip up a caricature of anybody in about 30 seconds flat! That’s right – in less than a minute he can create a cartoon that somehow actually looks like the person (a quirky, adorable version, anyway). 
Happy birthday, Cody – you’re amazing, and I’m endlessly proud to be your sister!
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  1. I LOVE caricatures! Every time I see , I turn into a five year old and say to my husband, “can I get one!!! Please, please, please!!!”

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