on sharp objects and the small things

October 6, 2012 separator Life

The past week has been a crazy whirlwind, with a big event at work last Friday and then a root canal on Tuesday. I have a major issue with pretty much everything on the tray in that picture up there. I don’t want that crap anywhere near me. On any occasion. Unfortunately, however, the dentist was all up in my grill with a tray full of sharp objects for almost two hours on Tuesday. 
When I got home from the ordeal, I was one seriously sad fish. I felt like I had a million things to do, but I was exhausted, in pain, and chomping the left side of my face like nobody’s business. Enter Andrei, stage right. He brought me home a pumpkin pie Blizzard and wouldn’t let me do a bit of work for the rest of the night. Though the rest of the night ended up being about 45 minutes, since I passed out on the couch in front of Dr. Who halfway through my Blizzard… Sometimes, the smallest things exactly when you need them can mean the very most and remind you how wonderfully lucky you are to have the life you do – even if that life sometimes throws sharp objects at you.
What “small things” have made your day better lately? 
P.S. These images are from my Instagram feed (and were taken on my very old, very tired iPhone 3 – sorry!). You can find me on there as @shrimpsaladcircus if you want to follow along.


  1. I love how you took a nightmare event and turned it into a perfectly beautiful blog.

  2. Ugh, I haven’t had anything other then cleanings at the dentist and I dredge the sharp pick. Chocolate and music. The right song at the right time is magical.

  3. oh man I FEEL your pain…no literally. Hope you are feeling better — the dentist is the worst thing ever. BLEEEEHHHHH.

  4. Yuck for the dentist! I haven’t had a root canal before, but I heard they are downright horrible. Hopefully you’re feeling better! {Isn’t it crazy how blizzards seem to make everything better?}

    Recently, I got this storage unit for my crafty supplies {for free} and that totally made my day. {I posted the whole story of it on my blog…..} You’re right, sometimes the little things in life make you feel the most blessed.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Lindsay!

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