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Recipe for Cheesy Green Chile Twice-Baked Potatoes

Cheesy Green Chile Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe

I recently had the privilege of taking a trip to Burlington, Vermont, in partnership with Cabot Cheese and Vermont Tourism. I already shared what to do in Burlington, Vermont, and now I’m excited to share more about the family farm I… link decorationRead More

What to Do in Burlington, Vermont

What to Do in Burlington Vermont

I recently had the privilege of taking a trip to Burlington, Vermont, sponsored by Vermont Tourism and Cabot Cheese, and I am so excited to share all my favorite highlights! Things to Do If you’re wondering what to do in… link decorationRead More

Car Seat Safety and How Long to Rear-Face

Car Seat Safety - How Long for Extended Rear Facing and Infant vs Convertible Carseat

Photo by Amanda Mills, USCDCP Anytime we’re talking about safety — especially the safety of babies and children — it’s so, so important to be sure you’re getting your information from a reliable source. I had a ton of questions about… link decorationRead More

How to Make DIY Gemstone Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

How to Make Gemstone Glitter DIY Sidewalk Chalk for Kids for Summer

Ever since I became a mama, I find myself wanting to make all the kid things, even though she’s still way too tiny for most of them. So, here I am with a 10-month-old, making DIY gemstone glitter sidewalk chalk… link decorationRead More