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How to Make a Modern Rainbow DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Rainbow DIY Cat Scratch Pad

Learn how to make a beautiful, modern Rainbow DIY cat scratch pad that your cats will be completely obsessed with — and you’ll love to have out on display! Includes video tutorial! (originally published on March 14, 2018) I’ve partnered… link decorationRead More

Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Bath Salts Recipe

YAY written in gold balloon text figurine on top of three takeout containers with conversation hearts stickers on the front

This conversation hearts Valentine’s Day bath salts are extra cute in mini takeout containers and are a perfect party favor. Read on for an instructional video and printable instructions! Have you ever made DIY bath salts? If you haven’t yet,… link decorationRead More

DIY: How to Make a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Learn how to make a weighted blanket for anxiety, including a video on why weighted blankets help! Have you hear about weighted blankets for anxiety? A lot of people find them super helpful — adults and children alike. There are… link decorationRead More

DIY Conversation Heart Valentine’s Day Bath Bombs

Yellow, orange, blue, and green conversation heart Valentine's Day bath bombs in a bowl on a pink background

Get my recipe for these conversation heart Valentine’s Day bath bombs, and learn how to add letters to them without using markers. These bath salts for Valentine’s Day would be a great accompaniment to my Valentine’s Day bath bombs. Plus… link decorationRead More