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Super Easy Poison Apples Recipe for Halloween

Green apples dipped in black chocolate to make poison apples for a Halloween party

Learn how to make this ridiculously easy poison apple recipe for your next Halloween get-together! Are you planning a Halloween party this year?  We don’t usually do anything huge (although I do go crazy with the yard decor!), but this… link decorationRead More

How to Make a Slow Kids at Play Yard Sign

This month’s At Home DIY Challenge had us get creative with a 2×4. My original idea was to build a learning tower for Cricket, but everything I found didn’t use such a thick piece of wood. And then it hit… link decorationRead More

25 of the Best Candy Apple Recipes on the Internet

Make a crunchy, homemade candy treat for any season with 25 of the best candy apple recipes, including easy recipes without corn syrup, caramel candy apple recipes, and even pink candy apples! Candy apples aren’t just for for fall or… link decorationRead More

Home Decor DIYs to Make in Two Hours or Less

This month for the At Home DIY Challenge, we had to make something in under two hours.  It was super fun to get outside the box. But it also made me realize that a lot of the projects for our home… link decorationRead More

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

This is the BEST easy chocolate chip cookie dough dip recipe without cream cheese! This edible chocolate chip cookie dough dip recipe is packed full of white and semisweet chocolate chips for tons of flavor and texture! If you want… link decorationRead More