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Cyclops Monster DIY Halloween Bath Bombs

Cyclops Monster DIY Halloween Bath Bombs 3

So I have a kid now. But she’s totally not old enough for DIY bath bombs. Especially because she’s going through this bizarre phase where she won’t sit down in the tub. Yeah, she stands up the whole time. It’s… link decorationRead More

20 Creative DIY Painted Pumpkins for Fall

Carving pumpkins is so 2013, am I right? I kid. Carving up a real, live (dead) pumpkin will always hold a special place in my heart. But as you’ve probably picked up from my DIY fake pumpkin decorating ideas, I… link decorationRead More

Lightbox DIY Quote Pumpkin for Halloween

Lightbox DIY Quote Pumpkin for Halloween 1

You guys know I’m a sucker for good fake pumpkin decorating ideas, right? I have a Heidi Swapp lightbox that I always put a welcome message on for guests who stay at our place, and it inspired me to create… link decorationRead More

No-Carve DIY Letter Board Pumpkin for Halloween

No Carve DIY Letter board Pumpkin Tutorial for Halloween

I wanted to make this pumpkin last year, but those hazy new mom days kind of took over. I even bought the dang pumpkin and just never put everything together! This was just about the only DIY I managed that… link decorationRead More