Home Workshop Ideas (Before and After)

Renovating a home workshop with the wood studs

Get DIY home workshop ideas, and get inspired by this amazing before and after! This summer will mark three years in our house, and it’s still such a work-in-progress.   We did our living room basement makeover last year and my guest… link decorationRead More

How to Make a Watercolor Chart

Learn how to make a watercolor chart to use as art or to help you with watercolor mixing, including video instructions! (Updated 4/11/19; Originally published 7/20/15) I subtly begged Andrei for this book for my birthday and Christmas and whatnot… link decorationRead More

15 Incredible Thrift Store Makeover Projects

Two hands toasting with a set of this might be wine mugs

While it may seem easier to just pop into the craft store for whatever you need, thrifting your craft supplies has a whole lotta perks! Benefits of a Thrift Store Makeover Create something one-of-a-kind. Nobody else has the exact combination… link decorationRead More

How to Make Paper Succulents With Free Template

String of pearls DIY paper succulents in a terra cotta pot against a white wall

Make a beautiful, everlasting string of pearls DIY paper succulents with my free paper succulent template and your Cricut machine! I have been compensated by QVC to showcase the Cricut Mint Explore Air 2 Shimmer Bundle. As always, I love how… link decorationRead More