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July 20, 2012 separator Uncategorized

Have you heard of Pinerly yet? It’s new and currently running a waiting list for new users, but read on to find out what it is, what it does, the downsides, and how Shrimp Salad Circus readers can skip the waiting list and get exclusive, immediate access!

As a crafty blogger with lots of pictures, Pinterest has become one of my highest sources of traffic. I took a hiatus from the site for awhile until they updated their TOU (more on that next week), so I haven’t focused on the quality and effectiveness of my own pins for quite some time, and I think it’s an area we could all use more focus on. 

Pinerly is a new tool for content-creators (read: bloggers!) to help measure our Pinterest impact to find out what works – and what doesn’t – to create a successful social media strategy. With the Pinalytics capabilities (pictured below), you can find out what time of day gets the best response, what sorts of images your followers are most likely to repin, what description are most effective, and more. 

What am I most excited about, as a Pinerly user? The Pinerly team is working on a scheduling feature so that we can schedule our pins ahead of time! No more obnoxious pinning frenzies once or twice a week! 

Find out how to skip the Pinerly waiting list and get immediate access after the jump!

I’ve been in touch with Rick, Pinerly CEO and one of the guys behind the whole shebang, and not only was he super enthusiastic and responsive, but he also shared some great information about where he sees Pinerly heading in the future. Eventually, they’re going to roll out an app so that you can snap a picture on your phone and start a Pinterest ‘campaign’ with just the click of a button. They’re working on continuously improving the program to provide users with the most relevant, useful statistics to successfully use Pinterest as a content marketing tool. 

You can see a partial screenshot of the dashboard above, where you can see the functions offered by the tool, including the suggested pins and scheduling (coming in the next few weeks – details here) options. 

Right now, Pinerly is in Beta, and they’re putting new users on a waiting list to get access to the site. However, Rick sent me a link to give you guys early, immediate access – no waiting list! 

To get your instant access and stay ahead of the social media game, pop on over to my Facebook page and click the ‘freebies’ tab. As soon as you like the page (or if you already do, of course!), you’ll have access to an exclusive Pinerly invitation – no waiting list!

To provide a full, honest opinion of the service so far, let me point out a couple things. I’m not really concerned since Pinerly’s still in Beta, and the CEO has been incredibly responsive to my questions, but I feel like I should offer up my full experience.
When you “start a campaign” (pin via Pinerly to track analytics), your pin will say ‘From,’ like in the screenshot above. Since that’s an image/post from my blog, it would normally say ‘From’ 

Why doesn’t this worry me? Well, when you click this pin, it takes you straight to the post on my blog, not to Pinerly. No, that little link up there doesn’t show that it’s from my blog, but I’d still rather have a post pinned that way than to have somebody pin from Google Image Search without any link back to my own blog! 

There are also glitchy bits, like you get with any new tool. When I start a campaign, I have to upload the image and then link it to my blog, since Pinerly only automatically finds images from my sidebar. It’s an extra step. However, I like being able to track my pins,  so right now I think it’s worth it. I think they’ll have it worked out soon enough, anyway. 

Plus, I like how aware the Pinerly team is conscious of their users’ concerns, so I’m going to stick with ’em for awhile and see where the cards fall. 


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  2. Thanks for sharing!! I took a break from Pinterest too for a while, but have gone back since they changed their TOU.


  3. Haha! What a coincidence that I just asked you about your thoughts on Pinerly in the comment section of another post and it turns out you had a post coming. 🙂

    I’m loving it so far, bugs and all, and Rick & the team have been really forthcoming with sharing their thought process/reasoning, future features, and the like. Can’t wait for the scheduling to come out!!

    1. I know, right, Mary?! I tried to reply to your comment to tell you that, but I couldn’t do it from work and then – of course – forgot. lol

  4. This is way cool! And thank you for the super-secret-special access. Going to try it out for sure.

  5. Love this! I saw mention of Pinerly and did the whole email deal to get invited but wasn’t exactly sure WHAT it was. Thanks for the intro AND for the invite! I look forward to seeing what they do with it!

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