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March 28, 2011

It’s that time again, folks. leShrimp has been around for two whole years now. Isn’t that just wild?! Time really flies, which is such a good thing right about now, given that I’m deep in the middle of my beast of a thesis and itching to graduate (Wish me luck!)… 

Now’s the time to let me know about all things Shrimp. Click the big ‘ole button above, or click right here to go to my Reader Feedback Survey. It’s ten short questions about how you subscribe, when you read, and what you like. It’s all completely anonymous and just helps me to better tailor my posting for you lovelies. For example, if I find out that only three of you have pets, then maybe I’ll be less inclined to ramble about my babies

If you have something to say that isn’t asked in the survey, leave me a comment here – thanks!!!!!

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  1. I feel your pain(so to speak) I feel so bad when I neglect my blog for school but it’s funny that I don’t feel bad neglecting school to blog! LOL
    Hope all is well, good luck on your thesis!

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