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April 10, 2011 separator Uncategorized

1960s terry tank . s/m . $18

I’m turning in my final thesis draft tomorrow and defending (in front of a big, scurry panel of experts) in about two weeks, but I still have no job lined up. I was torn between possibly starving to death and just getting my shop cranked back up to full gear. I opted for the shop option.

Here’s a little sneak preview for you lovely blog readers. These will land shopward in the next several days, but if you want to reserve anything for yourself, please leave a comment on this post, and consider it yours!!! If you reserve an item by commenting, I’ll let you know when it’s up in the shop with your name on it for purchase! Thanks for supporting me, guys!

1980s backless beaded sweater minidress . 8 . $48

1970s plaid blazer . m/l . $30

1980s silk Christian Dior tassel shirt . 10 . $50

1970s copper shimmer sundress . m/l . $21

ornate pearl and rope belt . s/m . $16

1950s flutter-sleeve wiggle dress . 12 (m) . $48

color braid huaraches . 8 . $30

nautical scarf . ns . $12

1970s day bag . ns . $35

What do you think of the new loot? Should my jewelry and vintage be in separate shops, or is it okay to have my shop be as crazy and all-over-the-place as I am? Help me make my shop better for my shoppers – you! Thanks!!!


  1. Lindsay,

    Keeping jewelry with the clothes, shoes, etc., allows a larger sale when you help accessorize a look when you see a client trying something on. Works for me when I am shopping. I need all the style tips I can get and you know them!

    Best of luck,

  2. Personally I think that as long as it’s well organized and you have a similar amount of both and/or it goes together stylistically, there’s no problem having a mix. I ended up separating out my shops because I had so much of certain different things that it ended up being easier to market that way.

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