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August 2, 2011 separator etsy

Air Plant – $4.95
{ toHOLD }

I love to shop, but like most of you, I don’t have the bankroll to fund much of a habit. Even the little things can add up – have you ever gone to Target for “a couple little things” and then gotten into your car an hour later in a confused haze, $100+ the poorer?! I always prefer to spend my money on handmade and/or local goods, but sometimes the price for handmade can be deterrent (well-earned, but daunting nonetheless…). Anywho, since I feel your pain, sistas, I’m here with a quick little roundup of six things you can get on Etsy right now for under five bucks.   

I’m trying to keep myself from buying everything on the list, but I’ll just have to let you know how it goes… 
Votive Candle Set – $2.95
Chai Tea – $4.00

Dot Earrings – $4.25

Mineral Eyeshadow Jar – $3.98

Flower Hair Clip – $2.50

P.S. If you know of something awesome on Etsy for under $5, link me in the comments! Feed my shopping habit, people!!!