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January 10, 2011

yoga mat bag via effie handmade

I don’t make resolutions every January. I just don’t keep them. This year, I decided that my friends and I would tackle a common goal en masse, so I formed a fitness challenge group. Now, I challenge each of you to form a team and get in shape with us. 

This spreadsheet will give you an idea of how we’re keeping track, and you might even be able to copy/paste it to use when you create your own. Something as simple as a notebook or poster might work just as well for you and your team.

sports bottle via PrettynPreppy

Details and Rules:

For our challenge, we each have to pay $75 in advance ($5/week minus the week off for Spring Break), and then on the ‘get paid’ days, we get back whatever we earned by completing our workouts for that month. You could do it without money – perhaps the ‘loser’ has to cook dinner or take everybody out for a drink or something.
  • There are 16 weeks in the challenge, if you start this week.
  • Participants must work out four times per week, every week. 
  • Work out for at least 45 minutes. This can be anything – a workout DVD, free weights, a class at your gym, a jog, a walk, whatever. Tailor this to your own fitness level.
  • Log your workout by putting an ‘X’ in the first box for the corresponding week. 
  • Do this three more times, for a total of at least four per week.
  • If you fail to complete all four workouts, you incur whatever your designated ‘penalty’ is, like our $5 fee. 
  • Extra workouts do not carry over. Each works starts at zero.
  • The weeks officially begins on Monday, not Sunday. 
I encourage each of you to create a team, even if it’s just you and your best friend or significant other! To provide some additional motivation, I’d like to make it a contest. Anybody who completes at least a 14 week challenge (ending May 8) will exclusively be eligible for entry in a Shrimp giveaway upon completion. It’s okay if you miss workouts. All I care about for this is that you try. Leave a comment if you’re going to start a team!!!


  1. Great idea…loving the spreadsheet to keep track. This is something I wanted to do as well…but I’ll be “competing” against me, myself & I 😛

  2. This may be something I could do. I’m going to ask a few friends if they’d like to join in.

  3. i’m in! i don’t really need to get in shape (well, not that much, maybe a little :P) but i struggle with my motivation. i’m afraid i will be the only one in my team but online buddies work for me too. 🙂

    gonna mark my first X now. yay! 😀

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