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September 7, 2012 separator Life

Update: Here’s our engagement story: Part 1

Guess what, you guys?! 
I’m gonna marry that hottie! My best friend. My passport-filling partner in crime. My fiancé
This happened last weekend, and I’m terrible at keeping big, happy secrets, but I had all these other blog posts scheduled, so I managed to stay strong until the big reveal… Wanna see the ring?

This thing has been on my finger for a week now, and I still can’t stop staring at it. Checking to make sure it’s still there. Smiling. He picked it out 100% himself – not a work of input from me, and I couldn’t possibly be happier with it. 
And I coincidentally managed to have pretty nails (thank you, gel polish!), which only worked wonders to fuel my amateur photogging of my own left hand. Repeatedly. Who knew engagement rings were such elusive, camera-shy creatures?! ;D
Oh, and you know this calls for a wedding-themed Pinterest board, right? Yeah. Done. 

One day soon, when I’ve gotten all my ducks a couple ducks in a row, I’ll share our engagement story and some of the wonderful pictures I have from it.


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  2. Congratulations and best wishes! Looking forward to hearing about your journey! Michelle-

  3. You are all so sweet. Thank you for the kind, happy thoughts and comments! 😀

  4. From one newly engaged gal to another – congrats!! Welcome to the whirlwind of wedding planning. Its a lot all at once, but so fun too!

  5. YAY! THIS is GREAT news! And I completely understand you, I cannot keep a secret either! And the ring is fantastic, beautiful shinning on your finger 😉

  6. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sooooooooooooooo exiting and your ring is gorgeous!!!

  7. gorgeous ring!! What a great job of picking it out! Congratulations to you both!!

  8. Congratulations! That’s such wonderful news, and it’s sweet that you shared it on your blog 🙂

    Hope you have an AWESOME time planning the wedding and basking in the happiness, and hopefully you don’t turn into a bridezilla haha. And on a side note, even though I’m nowhere near settling down, I love wedding stuff because they’re always so meticulous and pretty so do share!

  9. Congratulations! I just started following your blog and apparently at the right time. I am actually getting married at the end of this month. It’s an offbeat wedding, but I’ll be doing a full week of blogging about it when it comes a little closer. Your ring is beautiful and it’s really special that he picked it all on his own. I feel that brings a whole new meaning to it. You should check out my latest blog post about finally finding my dress (a whole 3 weeks before the date).

  10. Congratulations!!! He did a GREAT job picking out that ring 🙂 I can’t wait to see how beautiful your wedding will be.

  11. OMG Congrats! So exciting i know i couldn’t stop staring at mine when it happened in May. The fun of planning begins and trust me you will find tons of inspiration galore for your wedding on pinterest. So happy for you!

  12. Love, love, love. I remember that “checking to make sure it’s still there” feeling as well. And BTW, that picture of you two is simply gorgeous!

  13. Wooohoooo! Congratulations! Such a gorgeous ring and wonderful news and great happiness to start off the weekend. 🙂

  14. Best Wishes to you and Congratulations to him for finding such a wonderful catch! The ring is lovely!
    Lori In Atlanta

  15. Congrats Lindsay!!!! What a beautiful ring AND couple!!! Enjoy every moment of this incredibly exciting time. I have no doubt your wedding will be full of your talents, so can’t wait to see the wedding plans on the blog!

  16. Yay! I’m so happy for your Lindsay! Congrats, you look beautiful and so happy. Ring is gorgeous!

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