tinykiwi’s Cockatiel . Color Inspiration

February 25, 2015 separator be inspired

tinykiwi Color InspirationYou guys know I’m a little bit obsessed with animals, so in most aspects of my life, I tend to gravitate toward all things fluffy, feathered, furry, and cute. Evidently that’s just as true for art as it is for real life, because I think Yolanda of tinykiwi has some of the cutest mod animal art!

I love Yolanda’s business model, too. She’s a New Zealander living in France, and while she’s the one who will be responding to all your tinykiwi questions, her family back in New Zealand is her super-supportive printing, packaging, and shipping department. Sounds like a fun arrangement to me!

tinykiwi’s Geometric Cockatiel

In this cockatiel print I just love how Yolanda selected these really cool blue-greys to complement the warm yellows and oranges. I think a more neutral set of greys would’ve fallen flat, but as it is, she’s struck a fantastic balance. Ever-humble, Yolanda takes no credit for the pretty palette. When I asked her how she came upon these particular shades and tones, she replied, “the colours of this bird are a perfect combination because they are put together by on of the best artists — nature herself!”

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