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February 21, 2011 separator Uncategorized

The Lovelies

leShrimp was nominated for The Lovelies in the Handmade Blogs category!!! If you’ve never heard of The Lovelies, it’s just a really bad-A blog and shop awards competition. It’s pretty much right up there with the Oscars and all that sort of whatnot. 

So here’s the sitch, friends… The voting period ends on the 28th, and since I was just nominated, I’m a wee bit behind in the game. As in over 100 votes behind… I’m not worried about it though because I have some of the best friends and readers in the world. Yes – the world. 

Here’s where you’re wondering, “Oh wow! I sure would love to help you out here, Lindsay! Whatever can I do?!” Well, wonder no more! All you have to do to give me your vote(s) (that ‘s’ is in parenthesis, but I’d really prefer the plural option, if we’re being perfectly honest here…) is click on over thisaway. To make the whole process even easier for you, I’ve put together a handy little diagram. See below.

Ridiculosity aside, all you have to do is click the Facebook “like” button for one vote and/or leave a comment for another vote

If you do that, let me know in the comments here or on my Facebook page so that I can thank you properly. Don’t worry though – the warm fuzzy will be delivered automatically. 


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