8 Ways to Decorate with Maps & Globes

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Decorating with Maps from Better Homes & Gardens

Does anybody have a “moving in together” story that goes a little something like this?

During The Great Consolidation when Andrei and I moved in together, we very nearly killed each other over our shockingly unaligned decor styles: he loves white and monochrome and minimalism, and I embrace clutter, chaos, and color.

I make no secret of my epic love of travel. Fortunately, Andrei shares that same passion, so that’s where we found our first bit of common ground when making our first little apartment a home. I managed to consolidate my crap collections of wonderful old things and corral them into a pretty small area, and he managed to stomach a few pops of color here and there.

One of the big ways we pulled in common ground and injected some life into our space was by displaying tokens and reminders of our travels. My favorite is my grandfather’s globe, riddled with map pins to remind me of where I’ve been.

Even if you haven’t started filling up your passport, you can incorporate the world into your home decor in such a fun range of ways, from this small space solution featured on Better Homes & Gardens to some of the bold, full-wall ideas further down this page.

8 Ways to Decorate with Maps & Globes

Decorating with Maps from Apartment Therapy

(Apartment Therapy)

Decorating with Maps from designboom


Decorating with Maps from DesignSponge


Decorating with Maps from Lovely Etc.

(Lovely Etc.)

Decorating with Maps from the Inspired Room

(The Inspired Room)

Decorating with Maps from Vintage Revivals

(Vintage Revivals)

Decorating with Maps from Mama Blogg


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