what I want to wear . a rainy workday

November 4, 2011 separator Fashion

1. dress . Aaiko . €89.95  2. belted knit coat . Coral Miller . $214.50  
3.  14k and tourmaline post earrings . Jamie Joseph . $420  4. ruffle knee socks . Betsey Johnson . $15  
5. rain boot . Dav . $80  6. library bag . Cath Kidston . £16  7. bubble umbrella . Futai . $18.97  
8. headband . Modcloth . $19.99

I have to admit that this post was entirely inspired by my love for bubble umbrellas and wellies (I  know I’m supposed to call them rain boots here, but sometimes the English just say things better…). I owned that umbrella once, but it was promptly lost to the abyss of a local bar one tragic, rainy evening. I do, in fact, still own those beautiful English rose boots. I get tons of compliments, and I was lucky enough to find them on sale for under forty bucks. Now I’m feeling a nagging need to supplement my splish-splash essentials, perhaps with some Union Jack rain boots (Seriously, I promise I’m not really, actually trying to live in London or anything. Yet.)? 

But I digress. Seriously go pick yo’self up some wellies, and be sure to leave the ruffles on your knee socks peeking out over the top. Get a clear umbrella so that everybody can see how cute you look underneath, and go strut in the rain. 


  1. I need those boots. Also that’s pretty cool your dude is from Romania. My guy is from Germany so I’m hoping we can get over there soon to see his family.

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