what I wore | who let the cat outta the bag? (not me)

March 22, 2010 separator Pets

This picture is a couple months old, but I just found it again and had to share, mostly because Rossy is so freaking precious (Feel free to agree with me here…)! I just got back fast night from my trip to Chicago with the Mister, and we had an absolute blast!!! There will be pictures sometime next week, and I cannot rave enough about one of my new fave cities!
  • plaid shirt – thrifted (men’s)
  • tank – Old Navy
  • jeans – Daisy Fuentes – Kohls
  • boots – Old Navy
  • bag – vintage – thrifted
  • crab necklace – vintage – thrifted
  • twister beads – vintage – belonged to my mom in high school!


  1. I have been in Chicago for 12 years now and I will have to agree, it’s a great city!

    Cute outfit, and your kitty looks so cute peeking out of you bag.

  2. cute kitty! thats exactly what i wear everyday minus the boots. i love to wear mens shirts, they are so comfy.

  3. I love the whole outfit, especially the boots & jeans, and your cat is awesome. I wish I could fit my dog in a bag…

  4. wow. interesting style and post as always, Lindsay. you look pretty. i really like the plaid shirt. cute!

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